With the growing usage of Smartphone devices, it is necessary for an organisation to incorporate mobile applications in their business flow, in order to increase their market outreach. Before the Mobile Applications are built an organization has to do detailed planning of the different processes. Along with that they also have to decide the way in which the application has to be created and deployed. 

We at Firm Beginners use Xamarin platform to create the application whether it is a Native, Hybrid, Android, IOS … application.

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Modern applications with .NET and C#

We use  .NET and C# to create native apps of  Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. This empowers the applications to be more productive and build applications faster than ever.

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IOS Application

With .NET we have complete access to IOS SDKs that help us create the User interface that is actually required for a given business use case. 

Android App
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Android Application

With Android SDKs we build applications for all Android platforms (for phone, tablet, watch, and television).

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Cross platform

We build software applications which work on multiple operating systems or devices, which are often referred to as platforms.

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